Resenders - Teaser

A teaser made for the company resenders which explains their project. Client : Resenders Art direction, storyboard & motion design : Philip De Canaga Music : Night in montréal (Audio jungle)

Resenders - TEASER
Resenders ? 
Unable to order a product on the Internet because your address is not served?
Fed up of price differences related to the place from which you buy?
Our system allows you to order (almost) everything from any website. 1st reflex: create an account or log in with your FB codes. Then let us drive you through this brand new world…and your gang bro’ will do the rest.
On the other hand, if you wanna join a gang that already drives your hood, and earn big money, same reflex but different rules.
Client : Thomas Fayon (Founder & CEO / resenders )
My part : Art Direction, Storyboard & Animation 
Music : Night in montréal (Audio jungle)
Thank you for watching ! 
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